Xàkújághá Brent Dodginghorse

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Brent Dogdginghorse

“Flying Eagle- Dt’óní Yt’ółí”

Tsuut’ina Family Linage: Dodginghorse, Jacobs and Big Plume Families


Brent Dodginghorse grew up on the Tsuut’ina but spent his adult years dwelling in Vernon, British Columbia, Florida, and Omaha, Nebraska. He traveled extensively throughout North America for hockey and rodeo – steer wrestling in particular. He is a former JIFR and INFR 2x World Champion. Brent also played on the Calgary Hitman Hockey team as a young man during his professional career between 1995 and 2001.
Brent studied Whitewood Pasture Management and attained a farm management certificate, as he takes care of his family ranch, and he is an avid horseman and enjoys the simple way of life with his family. Brent also enjoys hunting, fishing, rodeo, hockey, and being a dad. Brent’s proudest accomplishment is when his wife Sonya, and daughter, Cayda, won the INFR World Champion Title in 2019 Women’s Sr and Jr Barrels.
Attending community events and representing Tsuut’ina is such an honour when it has come to working within the community and sharing our Elder’s teachings and stories with others. Brent values the importance of passing these teachings on to our youth and teaching children our traditional Tsuut’ina way of life.

“The culture, the Elders’ stories, the passion and kindness of our Nation, and building a bright future for future generations make me proud to be Tsuut’ina.”

Tsúūt’ínà Gūnáhà ùwā nìníshà
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