Science Teacher *REPOSTED*


Title:                     Teacher: Science, Biology, Chemistry

Department:      Bullhead Adult Education Centre

Reports to:          Principal

Designation:      12 months – Contract Position


The primary role of a teacher is to contribute to the education development of the students by setting reasonable performance expectations and instilling in their students a desire to learn. By doing so, the teacher will provide adequate resource materials, information, and experiences to stimulate learning and development. Teachers must also be role models for students by setting good examples and providing students with the same respect and trust expected of them. Teachers are responsible for promoting learning, upgrading themselves professionally and participating in the activities and governance of the school.


  • Carry out instructional duties with a complete understanding of the organizational dynamics of the political, cultural and social context of the Tsuut’ina community.
  • Understand the goals and structure of the curriculum, the content of instruction and the learning goals desired as mandated by the Chief and Council, the Education Board of Trustees and the Education Director of the Tsuut’ina Nation.
  • Follow the line of authority and the Alberta Code of Professional Conduct.
  • To acquire the knowledge and understanding of the student’s background characteristics, including their knowledge, skills, and attitudinal and motivational needs.
  • To recognize that teaching is a collective activity and seek the most effective means of consultation and collaboration with their professional colleagues.
  • To assist in developing cooperation and coordination of efforts among members of the school staff.
  • Under the direction of the Principal, maintain proper order and discipline in his/her classroom and while on duty in the school and on the school ground while attending or participating in activities sponsored or approved by the Tsuut’ina Education Board of Trustees.
  • Communicate regularly with students and, in some cases, parents by making home visits if necessary to ensure the success of the students, holding student and parent-teacher interviews during every reporting period and holding telephone conversations and meetings as required (note that it is imperative for students to be informed of both positive achievements as well as negative ones).
  • To participate in and attend all staff meetings, professional activity days and workshops as mandated by the Tsuut’ina Education Board of Trustees and the Education Director.
  • Follow worktime policy guidance when away, late, or sick and notify the Principal if they will be absent from the school and the reason thereof no later than 8:00 AM on the day of the absence.
  • To provide competent instruction for those courses of study and education programs prescribed, approved and authorized by the Chief and Council of the Tsuut’ina Nation.
  • To provide accessibility for students to access their classes and materials offered in the class and online.
  • To regularly evaluate students and report the evaluation results to the students, parents and Principal.
  • Assists in helping and tutoring students all the time.
  • To participate in activities that promote the school and students’ success, such as student tutorials, graduations, community events, fundraising, etc.
  • Follow worktime policy guidance when away, late or sick.
  • Prepare and submit monthly and weekly progress reports to the Principal.
  • Provide all documentation and requirements related to their teaching position on the due dates, including:
    1. Detailed daily lesson plans for all classes. Please note: Lesson plan structure should follow Alberta Education guidelines and should be related to curriculum outcomes set by Alberta Education.
    2. Adequate long-range plans (year plans) and course outlines.
    3. Three days Substitute and Emergency plans.
    4. Individualized Program Planning/Students Success Plans for all the students they teach.
    5. Professional Growth Plans.
    6. Community hours log.
    7. Marks and attendance are required to be up to date.
    8. Courses taught should be available for students online for ease of access (use of Google Classroom).
  • Keep a backup for all student files, marks and attendance.
  • The Principal may assigns any other assignment related to school and student success from time to time.


  • Knowledge of the latest education pedagogue and the 20th-century learning and teaching methodology and tools.
  • Strong background in teaching all senior high Science, Biology and Chemistry courses.
  • Ability to teach biology 30 and chemistry 30.
  • Experience preparing students and administering diploma-level exams.
  • Skills bridging students from secondary school to post-secondary options.
  • Ability to indigenize content and pedagogy to leverage student success.
  • Able to integrate virtual teaching and learning as and when needed.
  • Strong collaboration skills as teachers work together to improve student academic outcomes.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • Personal integrity and trustworthiness.
  • Success in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.
  • Ability to work effectively as an active team member in cooperation with other school personnel, parents/guardians, therapists, instructional resource personnel and students.
  • Ability to establish trust and rapport with students and staff.
  • Comfort and competency in working with technology, computers, Smartboards, and other technology tools to support student learning.
  • Commitment to lifelong learning and willingness to regularly enhance skills and knowledge for professional development.
  • Ability to manage situations of conflict, frustration and unpleasantness effectively.
  • Ability to respond appropriately to challenging behaviors of students.
  • Firm organizational, time management, prioritization, multitasking and pacing skills to support student learning and scheduling.
  • Strong oral, listening and communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills combined with tact and diplomacy skills.
  • Straightforward decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to gather, analyze and synthesize information.
  • Ability to demonstrate flexibility to work assignments.
  • Ability to multitask and work effectively in situations with frequent distractions and interruptions.
  • Ability to be alert and respond to situations of risk.
  • Strong data entry skills with an emphasis on accuracy.
  • Ability to deal with sensitive and discretionary matters and maintain strict confidentiality.

Documentation Required:

  • Official Graduate transcripts.
  • Student Teaching Evaluations (beginning Teacher) OR Current Teaching Evaluations (Experienced Teacher)
  • Cover Letter and Resume
  • Current Letter of Reference (3)
  • Valid Teaching Certificate *(photocopy)
  • Valid Trade Certificate *(if applicable)
  • Vulnerable Sector Check required with Cover Letter and Resume (Vulnerable Sector checks must be completed within the past month.


Please note that this organization adheres to Sections 1 – 9 of the Aboriginal Employee Preference Policy for selection and displacement.  Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. The successful candidate will be under a probationary period at the commencement of his or her employment.


Competition Opens:   October 17, 2022

Competition Closes:   October 31, 2022  @ 12:00PM MT (No applications will be considered after this time)


Please apply in writing, including a resume to:       

TsuuT’ina Nation Human Resources Department

9911 Chiila Boulevard, Tsuu T’ina, Alberta T2W 6H6

OR Email:

Please reference in subject line: JOB TITLE & REF# or will NOT be opened

We thank all applicants in advance, however, only those chosen with the required qualifications will be contacted for an interview.



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