Late Stanley Big Plume

Stanley BigPlume

“Sarcee Boy – Tsúùt’ná Ts’dóó”

Tsuut’ina Family Linage – Big Plume & Littlelight Families


Councilor Stanley Big Plume grew up between the Tsuut’ina and Siksika Nations and Calgary, where he attended studies at Mount Royal College and SAIT.
In addition to filling the roles of husband, father, and sitting on Council, Stanley loves to play basketball, coach, and support various programs and services in the Tsuut’ina community.
Stanley Big Plume is the eldest of his nine siblings and has always been a gentle friend to so many whom he treats like his own family. Stanley takes pride in his Dene and Blackfoot heritage and practices gratitude and love for his Nation, family and Elders whom he holds dear. Stan loves to travel with his wife, Sharlene, his children and his beloved dogs. Nothing makes him more proud than working for the people and celebrating our rich culture and language.
Stanley is a supporter of our youth, creating opportunities for athletics and post-secondary education. Stanley knows the impact that our younger generation has on our Nation’s path, moving into such uncertain and critical times. We have to pave the way forward for opportunities for everyone.

“Our culture and language; our people’s love and kindness to each other, make me proud to be Tsuut’ina.”

Language and Culture Portfolio Departments

  • Gunaha Institute
  • Language Commissioner
  • Museum / Culture
  • Office of the Peacemaker
  • Elders Program
  • Office of the Arts
  • Treaty Initiatives
  • Consultation