Tsúūt’ínà Gūnáhà

Our Language

Introduction to the Language

Tsúùtʼínà means “many people” or “beaver people”. The Tsuut’ina are Dene speakers. Though the Tsuut’ina Language has been declared extinct, many efforts remain to revive it by the few fluent speakers still alive. Thanks to the time and tireless dedication to the large task of recording the language into a dictionary, written in the Tsuut’ina orthography, the language can now live on. The Tsuut’ina language requires specific fonts that can offer the required linguistic lettering when expressing the written language.

Tsuut'ina Rider



It is important to tone the language to pronounce correctly. Pronouncing the vowels correctly depicts the sounds needed for the language.

Tsuut'ina Alphabet


Tsuut'ina Consonants


Si – Me | Ni – You | Mi – His/Her | Gimi – Theirs


Learn Common Phrases

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Common Words