Late Vincent Crowchild

Vinny Crowchild

“He Walks Under Water – Tuyk’a Yiyalłi”

Tsuut’ina Family Linage: Crowchild and Big Crow Families


Tuyik’ a Yiyalłi was born, raised, married, and had his family on the Tsuut’ina Nation. He is a rancher, hunter, a journeyman plumber of 35 years, and a cowboy. Together, with his wife Roxanne, the Crowchilds have 27 grandchildren and love to go camping. Vincent is an avid attendee of rodeos, hockey games, powwows, and any other event that takes place in the Nation.
Vincent is very thankful for being able to serve 19 years for our Nation. He has been witness to vast development, and his vision is to fight for our land, our people, our rights and continue to help our Nation grow. Vincent believes we, as Indigenous people, need your voices, opinions, and concerns heard as you all play a vital role in our society. Vincent vouches to continue to make decisions in the best interest of the Nation and our people. He wants to make sure this generation and future generations are well set and protected for years to come.
Vinny, with his family, loves spending time on his ranch with his horses and animals. The greatest gift he treasures is his grandchildren; having such a big family is what derives all the purpose in his role as a leader. He is building future opportunities for many generations to come.

“I’m proud of our heritage: where we come from, the things I’ve learned from our Elders, our close-knit community, and the people. I like to think of myself as a modern-day warrior for the better for our community.”

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